• Orania - The Complete Package (Best Offer)

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    Watch the film now in HD. The Complete Package includes all bonus material: the full Audio Commentary, three additional scenes and footage from the screening of the film in Orania. Afrikaans with English subtitles.
    Total duration: 255 min.

  • Orania - Main Feature

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    Watch the film now in HD.
    Afrikaans with English subtitles.
    Duration: 94 min.

  • Orania - Additional Scenes

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    Three additional scenes: Catch up with Baksteen in the neighbouring Hopetown. Search for the heart of Orania: "If it stops beating, Orania could not exist." Meet Sebastiaan, a German who moved to Orania to live as an Afrikaner.

    Total Duration: 17 min.

  • Orania - Audio Commentary

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    Watch the complete film commented by director Tobias Lindner and his fellow documentary filmmaker Beatrice Möller (SHOSHOLOZA EXPRESS), whogrew up in South Africa, has made several films there and has also visited Orania.

    German with English subtitles.
    Duration: 94 min.

  • The Return to Orania

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    Director Tobias Lindner returns to Orania to show the finished film to the community.
    Watch this raw footage from the discussion after the film and see the reactions and comments of the people of Orania.

    Afrikaans with English subtitles
    Duration: 50 min. / PAL SD